Blue Lake Harvest Days ( October 18 & 19, 2013) 

Blue Lake Harvest Days ( October 18 & 19, 2013) 


The Mad River Festival is underway: CHECK OUT ALL EVENTS HERE! 

Josh Krienke, youngest recipient of the Blue Lake Rising Grants, puts on a week-long Drum Camp with drummer Jesse Jonathon, at the Mad River Grange. Final Performance at the Folklife Festival All-Day-Free-Day July 19th. Go Josh and all the Blue Lake Camp Drummers! 

Listen to the Radio Interview on KHSU "Thursday Night Talks" about art and the economy with Michael Fields, Producing Artistic Director of Dell'Arte  and Jamie Bennett, Executive Director of Artplace America. 

What is Blue Lake Artplace?  

In 2013-14, through curated arts programming, visual identifiers and the expansion of its own Mad River Festival, Dell'Arte International & and its partners will connect art, industry and artisanal cultural work to promote economic development in the rural California community of Blue Lake. This project is supported by a grant from Artplace America, the California Arts Council, Headwaters, and local sponsors. 

For a full list of participating businesses and organizations in Blue Lake click here.  

Creative Placemaking: 

Creative Placemaking is the pro-active approach to transforming the communities in which we live through the arts. The goal of Creative Placemaking is to support art-making and the economy through partnerships across sectors of commerce, art, and entertainment to increase the vibrancy of communities and to celebrate local culture in order for communities to thrive and grow.

ArtPlace America is a group of regional foundations, banks and federal agencies committed to accelerating creative placemaking. For more information visit